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Vengeful Lover Part 10
It took a solid half hour of wracking their brains, but the closest bet they had was to tell Bella that Ginny had come down with a violent flu bug. It would allow Ginny the privacy she needed to heal without being seen. Phury would be able to bring her food and check on her periodically. Vishous wasn’t allowed near her. Because he wasn’t sure he could be trusted not to betray the secret to Bella, Z opted not to check on her as often and only speak through the door. He didn’t want his face or eyes to tell Bella that Ginny was hurting worse than she thought.
Even though he was already drained and weakened, Phury tried to get her to take more blood. She didn’t need it. Wrath had his doubts, but in 2 days of nothing but rest and relaxation, Ginny’s face had gone from black to pale purple. The swelling was down significantly and it seemed the hairline crack in her cheekbone was healed completely. Her eye had a few broken blood vessels in it, b
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Vengeful Lover Pt 9
Vengeful Lover Part 9
Once they'd gotten back to the mansion…. And to the corridor of statues, Ginny felt nervous. She hadn't fed in so long, she wasn't sure if she could do it quietly….the way a Chosen should be able to. She felt the need to talk to Phury some more…. Tell him  how much she appreciated it all, everything he had done and was doing for her. She watched as he stopped at his room, which was only two doors away from his brother and her sister's room.
He ushered her inside even as his stomach was doing flips. He'd never fed a female before. Tried, but never succeeded at it…. If his feedings from Chosen were anything to go by, this should be simple. He had a feeling it might take longer than normal because she was so starved for it all, but, he figured he had fed himself only two weeks prior, so he would be strong enough if she did take a bit longer.
Once inside his room, he thanked the Scribe Virgin that he ran through it and picked up a bit tha
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Vengeful Lover Pt 8
Vengeful Lover Part 8
As she stepped out of the light onto the polished and painted wooden floor of her room, she felt a strong wave of dizziness wash over her and she nearly fainted. She was close enough to latch onto the fireplace pedestal to keep from falling over, but she slowly sank to the ground. Her eyes were closed and her head was bowed, but as she came back to herself, she heard the breathing of others with her.
She tried to jump up to stand as she peeled her eyes open and adrenaline rushed threw her body, but the sight before her was one of total horror. Her wall was open, her trophies on display…. And the three Brothers she never wished to see inside her room or to find out who she was, standing before her…. Weapons out. Except Phury. He looked apologetic. Like he didn't like that she had nearly fainted. The other two…. Were unsure, that she could understand, but they had their guns out so…. They thought she was a threat.
She couldn't make her throat wor
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Vengeful Lover Pt 7
Vengeful Lover Part 7
It didn't take long to gather her robe from her room and head down to the lobby. She could hear Vishous in the Billiard Room, and thought about poking her head in to say goodbye. She thought better of it when she heard Marissa's voice. Strong, Calm and Beautiful, that female would see right through her. If Phury had noticed how pathetic she was beginning to look, so would she.
She was wearing boot cut jeans that showed her slender legs, and a slightly clingy sweater under a knee length wool coat. If not for the darkening circles under her eyes, she didn't think she looked that bad. She had put her robe in a garment bag, and it was slung over her shoulders. None of the Doggen questioned her or even really LOOKED at her as she passed them cleaning the dining room.
Once outside, even for a few moments before dematerializing…. She could tell she wasn't as good as she normally was. The cold bit into her flesh and seemed to tunnel through her muscles, seizing them
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Vengeful Lover Pt 6
Vengeful Lover Part 6
Over the week following Ginny and Phury's trip to her house, she seemed to be coming out of her shell a tiny bit at a time. According to Vishous, she liked visiting the Billiard Room when he and the Cop took to the table and cracking balls. Both males tried to watch their language but the first slip up was inevitable…. And they decided based on her small chuckle and grin, she had no problem with them being vulgar. Truthfully it made Vishous less irritated with her wraith like presence.
Ginny didn't truly have much to do during her nights, but sit and visit with Bella or the other females of the mansion. She enjoyed sitting in the kitchen as Doggen bustled about too, but Fritz seemed to know it was mainly her need to be around activity but not expected to join in. Wrath and Beth were told about her mother being a Chosen. They decided to keep that information to themselves. Z had to tell Bella, but she didn't see how that changed her sister at all. Bella seemed
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Vengeful Lover Pt 5
Vengeful Lover Part 5
Ginny was in her own little private hell. All around her were garbage bags of clothes…. She figured it was easier to pack and unload when she got back to the mansion…. But she had SO MUCH stuff. She was going to have to donate some of it…. She didn't really need all this…. Half of her wardrobe she didn't even wear anymore anyway. She had all her closet and dressers cleaned out and emptied…. And was getting ready to start hauling them up the stairs when Loupa started pacing faster.
She might be in her own world mentally half the time, but she was very attuned to her dogs needs and impulses. She stopped working to watch her for a moment and saw, not a dog needing to go outside, but an excited dog. She couldn't sense nerves, but just excitement…. She heard floorboards creak above her head…. On the wrong side of the house.
Her heart immediately soared into her throat. Phury was on the other side of the hallway! He was in her Sacred R
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Vengeful Lover Pt 4
Vengeful Lover Part 4
On the ride to her house, he had rap on, as usual on nights he was planning on hunting. There was only so much classical or other genres did for his hunters side. Ginny didn't even hear the radio. She tuned music out most of the time. All it really did was remind her of the things she used to love more than breathing.
Phury, being the gentleman he was, offered to change the station if she preferred something else…. And got nothing. She didn't say she liked or hated it… most people either loved or hated it. She was an enigma for sure and the closer to her home they got the quieter she became.
She was actually going through her belongings in her head and debating on what to bring with her. Certain things…. HAD to go in the first trip. She was assuming either Phury or Zsadist would be bringing her back in a few days to get more…. After all, the SUV could only fit so much stuff.
He backed into her driveway when they arrived and she was already at t
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Trying to get freelancing illustration work is hard! Time to work a little more on my own children's book. Maybe I'll look more employable with a published book under my belt...


Rachael >w<
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I'm back from a really long hiatus where I mostly fell off the grid into FA for a year or three. Sorry to my watchers, if anyone still even watches me LOL. I'll be trying to be more active posting on DA as well.
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